A Quick Guide to Badge Printing for Conference

Badge printing for conferences are not only a tool for recognizing the attendees but acts as a great source for networking as well. Not only does it legitimize the conferences as professional events but also act as a great source for corporate branding. However, it still remains an underestimated part of event organising. Many advancements and facilities nowadays like barcoding and badge printing for conference or adding conference information or social profiles helps in reaching the attendees post-conference so you can provide the e-certificates for conference attendance accordingly. Thus badge printing remains an important part of conference organization no matter how small it seems. Here is a quick guide to badge printing for conferences so that you can avoid any last minute mishap in your event planning.
  1. Data on the badge printing: A badge printed with official details like company logo, barcode or QR code for lead retrieval, and legible fonts that include attendee details. You can also add social profiles for better networking. Professionally printed badges are a tried and tested solution for badge printing for conferences. Online registration softwares makes badge printing a cakewalk. These attendee management softwares offer badge printing option for its clients. All they need is the attendee’s list for custom badge printing for conferences. 
  2. Remember the 10-foot rule: The name of the attendees on the badges should be able to be read from a distance of 10 feet. Hence choose a font that is readable as of an appropriate size because all the attendees should be able to communicate with each other on a first name basis. This is important for any business conference. Registration companies that handle badge printing for conferences should keep this in mind. 
  3. Use effective hierarchy: The badge should be printed in a hierarchical manner. First name should be primary, followed by the full name and then the other attendee profile details. Also, keeping the font clear and the information readable on the badge, is very important. 
  4. Don’t shy from branding: Use your company logo on the badges without hesitation. Conference badges are a great source of networking thus it would act as an extra corporate branding as well. The branding helps you to attain exposure in the conferences, which is important for any business. Also, make sure your logo or artwork is either on the top or bottom side for optimal exposure. 
  5. An onsite registration and badge printing kiosk should be added: No matter how many lists you maintain, there are always no-shows as well as people who couldn’t go through the online procedure. Therefore, it’s important to set up an on-site kiosk that can ensure smooth onsite registration and badge printing. Small printers do the task efficiently and in no time. 
This guide would ensure a hassle free badge printing for your next conference. Go for an online registration software provider that provides you with badge printing facility as well so that you don’t have to fret about it.  eRegNow is of the top rated online attendee management service provider.

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