Top Rated Conference Management Software

A Conference Management Software is a set of business solutions that cover the different aspects of organizing, planning and managing an event. A Top Rated Conference Management Software is one that contains important features like online-registration and ticketing, attendee management, event on-site planning, scheduling, analytics and surveys. Thus, a complete package that stands aside from the rest would be a top rated conference management software.

Features of a conference management software

  • Online Registration:  A vital benefit of a conference management software is the shift of registration entry from the organizer to participants. The participants can easily register themselves online through very easy interfaces for example registration forms which are provided by the organizers. It makes early-bird registration more convenient online. Registrations take bulk of the time, thus transferring it online and to the participants can give the organizers bulk of time to focus on other key aspects of the event. Managing attendee check-ins, badge printing, tracking can be done efficiently from a single interface.
  • On-Site Technical support:  On-site technical support should be provided long with online support. Many management software miss this vital point. The after sales support isn’t stressed upon. However providing a good technical support on-site leaves a lasting impression and eRegNow firmly believes in that. It provides on-site tools like services of their onsite event management team, dedicated telephone support, communication with delegates, onsite badge printing and self badge printing kiosk, printing QR Code and bar code printed badges, kit bag distribution, managing conditional access check-ins, kiosk for walk-in registration, mobile payments and a ticketing platform. These features set it apart from the rest of the management software.
  • Attendee Management: A conference management software must provide support in attendee management. Attendee management does not only pertain to online support but onsite support as well. Grouping the members accordingly for specific targeting is considered ideal. Delivering messages and coordinating across different departments for better delivery and support. Delegate details and their accommodation details as well as spouse details should be managed carefully and effectively. Attendee management is one of the most important part of a conference management software. eRegNow provides outstanding attendee management as well as brand new onsite attendee management support too.
  • Email-marketing:  Aggregation and nurturing of the leads is a very important step in a management circle for the events being handled. As well as creating various campaigns to keep the excitement around the event through numerous platforms; and providing appropriate updates in a professional manner through email is a necessary step. In the professional eco-system, emails prove to be the best medium for updation and information, hence email-marketing should be a vital part of a conference management software.
  • Easy Online Payments: The payment for all the required purposes as well as on-site payment method should be provided through popular portals for easy communication and management. Currencies of the various delegates nationalities should also be accepted to give a good impression and easy and hassle free access. eRegNow provides wonderful payment facilities across popular portals for hassle-free support.
  • Real-time tracking and status reports- Enabling analytics and providing real time tracking to  insights for an assess attendance, expenses and other key metrics and make adjustments if necessary to keep on target. Reporting can be provided in the form of summaries or drilled down details that you can be shared with your teams, partners, sponsors and other stakeholders.Tracking trends should also be possible with event analytics to help build on your best practice set. Moreover, you should be able to customize reports to focus on important metrics for future events.

eRegNow is of the top rated online software that provides conference management software facilities providing important features like online-registration and ticketing, attendee management, event on-site planning, scheduling, analytics and surveys. For further details visit the official website 


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