• Posted by: Rance DiXario Posted on: 13 Jun, 2018

    A Conference Management Software is a set of business solutions that cover the different aspects of organizing, planning and managing an event. A top rated Conference Management Software is one that contains important features like online-registration and ticketing, attendee management, event on-site planning, scheduling, analytics and surveys. Thus, a complete package that stands aside from the rest would be a top rated conference management software.

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  • Posted by: Rance DiXario Posted on: 16 May, 2018

    Attendee management service provider is all that you should be asking for, if you want an online platform for event registration. There are many attendee management service providers who provide industry specific services at affordable price.

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  • Posted by: Rance DiXario Posted on: 20 Apr, 2018

    Mobile app for conference has now become pillars of an event experience. A mobile app should ideally have some important features that will help in the smooth running of the conference. The functionalities should be so made that the users are able to leverage on the app and make the most out of it.
    This article is a guide for the event organizers to understand the spectrum of what they need to know about the mobile conference app and the “must have” features for a standard mobile app

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  • Posted by: Rance DiXario Posted on: 25 Jan, 2018

    Organizing a conference can be very painful at times and it can be highly time consuming too. Hence the best way to get rid of it is to take assistance of a software which can magically reduce the pain and help you to execute the task on time. 

    There are some routine tasks associated with organizing a conference/event. Some of the tasks are taking registration, taking payment, sending reminder emails to delegates, printing badges, organizing staff on the very day to name a few. All these tasks can be simplified with the help of a conference management software. There are some key benefits of the conference management software, which are discussed below for the reference of the readers.

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  • Posted by: Rance DiXario Posted on: 28 Dec, 2017

    An event management tool is a wonderful way of managing the events successfully. Such software are also responsible for assisting you to go beyond your ROI proficiency. An event management software is of top priority for any modern day event planner. There are many benefits of using such software. Some of the key benefits of event management software are discussed below for the reference of the readers.

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  • Posted by: Rance DiXario Posted on: 08 Aug, 2017

    Conference Delegate Management System, is a web based platform for managing conference attendee management services from accepting invitation, online registration, confirming attendance and online payment for a conference. The system helps to build a micro website link with your conference branding and can include all information starting from venue, accommodation, travel, registration fee and allows the delegate to select options and preferences such as workshops, pre-conference tours, spouse programme or food preference. 

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