How eRegNow has eased the Onsite Registration process?

A well implemented pre event registration plan combined with a well prepared check-in and registration process will keep your participant flow smooth, and help to foster a positive first impression of your event. A poorly planned or executed onsite registration service could put the successful opening of your event at risk. Attendees tend to arrive in waves, with one of the largest waves crashing in right before the event opening. This is most likely your attendees first interaction at your event and it sets a stage for their whole experience; keeping in mind that everyone wants to get to the business at hand.

Its important for an event organizer to understand the importance of planning a well organized check-in and registration area. There is a huge difference between having a desk with 1 person checking people in and a conference set up with a tech-based onsite registration service and process. Onsite registration requires planning and resources. For a larger event, a single desk with a pile of badges isn’t going to do it. Provide your attendees a positive initial experience using the eRegNow Registration. Entirely customized approach makes the processing of onsite registration service as simple or detailed as you need, while branding options promote your event.

Our leading-edge onsite registration solutions continue the onsite attendee focus through check-in and badging onsite with on-demand badge printing. Here are the top five tips that made the onsite registration services an easy going one

  • Easy setup – eRegNow has given enough time properly to set up an easy service, so when attendees start to arrive, they don't catch us unprepared. Hence they’ve made registration up and running quickly and easily. Setting up a registration counter takes longer time than you might think, particularly if you are installing things like badge printers. Attendees are needed to be fully managed from beginning to end.
  • Purposes sectioned up – eRegNow has made registering groups’ simple for their attendees. It’s always a good idea to divide your onsite registration into a section for those who registered in advance, and a section for walk-ins. This way, the people who are just picking up their badges and materials won’t be held up by people going through the registration process onsite. Group managers can add and update attendee records to maintain their own group up to the event.
  • Appointing line monitors: eRegNow has designated separate lines when applicable. Lines make it serene to funnel people in the right direction, keeping your check-in better organized and moving people through the process more quickly. A line monitor walks up the line, directing attendees to their appropriate counter. The idea behind is having someone to spend a few minutes doing this will save attendees enormous amount of grief, and spare the brunt of their anger.
  • Training staffs well: eRegNow has placed the most trained staff at their onsite registration counters. Staffs on the pre-registration counter are the people who are friendly, but perhaps less intimately familiar with things like registration categories and pricing. For larger events with multiple registration categories and complex procedures, they have trained their registration staff on policies and procedures.
  • Reporting – eRegNow standard dashboards and reports provide real-time statistics and information to your whole team. It creates advanced reports. Check-in technology speeds up registration significantly, and facilitates intake of valuable data while often reducing manpower requirements

These are some basic steps eRegNow has taken to ease onsite registration process. eRegNow helps you manage onsite attendee via online event registration software, tracking your payments, generating real time reports and what not! We expertise in membership management as well. We also provide event management apps. For more details feel free to contact one of our event experts today at

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