Revolutionizing Corporate Event Management: A Success Story at AWS Summit

As we all know, attending events is a great way to network and make new connections. But what happens when there are too many attendees at registration and session halls and multiple partner booths for networking? Amazon faced this challenge of crowd management at its recent AWS summit.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of successful corporate event management solutions, where networking and connections reach new heights. Imagine attending an event where the challenges of managing large-scale registrations, crowded halls, and networking dilemmas fade away. At the recent AWS Summit, eRegNow proved its mettle by transforming obstacles into extraordinary experiences. Join us on a remarkable journey as we unveil the power of our innovative event tech software, revolutionizing the game for our esteemed client, AWS. Here’s how eRegNow's onsite and online registration solutions, coupled with comprehensive event tech features, took the prestigious AWS Summit to unprecedented heights.

Challenge 1: The Problem of Plenty - Checking in 8,000 Registered Attendees within 90 Minutes

At the AWS Summit, a staggering 25,000 registrations flooded in, but the event could accommodate only 8,000 attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. The challenge was not only to efficiently check-in all attendees within the limited 90-minute window, starting from 7:30 am until the commencement of the first keynote session at 9:00 am, but also to ensure a queueless check-in process.

The eRegNow Solution:

To overcome this challenge, eRegNow devised a smart solution using QR code-based check-in and on-demand badge printing. By harnessing the power of real-time attendee tracking, the system effectively monitored check-ins, ensuring an accurate count and a seamless entry process. With a streamlined approach, attendees experienced queueless check-ins, all made possible by the advanced capabilities of eRegNow's event tech software. This proven solution has been successfully implemented for over 4 years, showcasing the effectiveness and reliability of eRegNow's cutting-edge technology.

Challenge 2: Limited Seating in Session Halls - Manage crowd at silent session halls with 800 seating capacity.

With a limited seating capacity of 800 people in each session hall, it was essential to manage occupancy and maintain accurate seat counts to avoid overcrowding at silent halls and ensure a smooth flow.

The eRegNow Solution:

eRegNow's proficient event tech software introduced an efficient tracking system at each of the 8 session halls. This system continuously monitored the occupancy and displayed the available seating capacity at the entrance of each hall. Attendees could easily identify and locate sessions with available seating through the live display, eliminating disruptions to ongoing sessions at the silent session halls. With eRegNow's solution, managing limited seating became effortless.

Challenge 3: Networking for 8000 attendees and 110 exhibitors

AWS summit is a great way to network with 110 exhibitors for all 8000 attendees. But carrying that many business cards and exchanging contacts manually is practically impossible. Networking and capturing attendee details efficiently posed a significant challenge.

The eRegNow Solution:

To address this challenge, eRegNow introduced a streamlined networking and contact exchange process using personalized encrypted QR-coded badges within the event app. Exhibitors utilized a lead capture app to scan the QR codes, instantly accessing attendee details. This solution enabled exhibitors to view and manage their scanned contacts, export data to an XLS file, and share scanned contacts with their back offices for timely follow-up actions. Real-time stats on visitor counts at each booth added value, allowing exhibitors to measure the success of their participation.

The success story of eRegNow's event tech software in tackling critical challenges at the AWS Summit demonstrates its unparalleled capabilities in transforming corporate event management. From efficient check-in processes to managing limited seating and revolutionizing networking and contact exchange, eRegNow's comprehensive event tech solution has proved its worth time and again. Are you ready to take your corporate events to the next level?

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